Motherboard or cpu?

So this problem has been puzzling me for the past couple of weeks. This all started by me trying to unscrew an overstripped screw on th CPU fan which I believed caused a short. The problem is I don't know whether it's the CPU or mobo. The computer will cycle on and off at increments of 3 seconds. I have replaced the psu with no avail. I also noticed whenever the 12 volt power connector is in the computer will do what is stated above. Any help is appreciated

I have tried resetting bios and taken out battery.
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  1. First I would remove and reinstall the CPU. If that doesn't help, have the CPU tested and you'll know for sure if it's the motherboard or not.
  2. Best bet is to re-install the rams and check all wired connections. then look at your power supply unti's connections. you never know when you might have accidentally loosened anything.
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