External HDD no longer noticed.

My old WD MyBook has suddenly stopped working. (model number WD2500|032 and I am running Windows 7; if that makes any difference) It was mostly empty and I was in the process of putting ~40gb worth of information onto it. Suddenly the file transfers stopped and I could no longer access the hard drive. After unplugging, re-plugging, and restarting everything, the hard drive no longer was noticed by my computer. I was using it to move shows and movies to the PS3 in the living room (so recovering the info isn't a priority) and the PS3 can no longer access the hard drive either. It says that it is corrupt.
My thoughts were that it crashed, or needed to be reformatted, or some sort of hardware malfunction. Any of these is a possibility as the HDD belonged to my parents previously and who knows what they did with it.
I have tried going to Disk Management to no avail. It doesn't show up there either.

Summation: Windows 7, Western Digital external HDD, completely unnoticed by my computer, and unreadable by my PS3. I need it working but recovering lost information is not a concern (everything is backed up on my computer or other HDDs).

Do you think it is just time for a new HDD, or is this one recoverable?
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  1. bobtatersaladsmith said:
    Do you think it is just time for a new HDD, or is this one recoverable?

    That's a personal choice; I choose not to trust a drive that has failed once.

    Common procedures to find the source of this problem are
    1) Is the drive seen in BIOS / device management? Since you said it's not seen in Disk Manager, I'm going to assume not.
    2) Can you remove the drive from its case and attach it directly to your motherboard with SATA and power cables? This will work if the problem was with the external enclosure or its power supply.
    3) If the drive can be seen as far as the Device Manager after steps 1 or 2, try a first-attempt recovery tool like EASEUS Partition Recovery or Recuva.
    3b) If it can't be seen, throw it out unless you desperately need that data that is on it.

    Let us know what you try and what the results are. Good luck!
  2. I have had this same problem with my WD MyBook and i had to open and RMA with WD. I had the 2Gb USB 3.0 version.
  3. Well, no one in the house has a desktop so trying to hook it up via SATA isn't really an option. As cheap as externals have become, and considering that nothing of importance was on it, I think I am just going to trash that one and get a new one. It is a rather old model, and has served well until now. Thanks for the advice.
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