How to make partition in windows 8 pre installed without format

Recently i bought sony laptap with inbuilt windows 8,in that only c drive
is appeared can you please share how to partioned to two more drives without format.
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  1. Personally I would recommend downloading and installing EaseUs Partition Master, it is easy to use and will accomplish what you want with ease. I should point out that it is possible to achieve with the use of 'Create and Format Disk Partitions' which you will find if you search for it on your laptop. You would need to 'shrink' 'C' and then create a partition in the unallocated space. If you opt for EaseUs
    Click on your 'C' Drive and choose 'Resize/move'
    Using your mouse, move the bar at the end of your drive from right to left until 'C' is the size you want. This will leave unallocated space for your new partition, and when you choose 'Apply' the operation will take place when you reboot Windows
  2. I have made a tutorial on this:

    I don't like pimping my own tutorials but I would like some feedback from a guy who doesn't know how to do it. (wanna see if it needs revising, etc)
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