PSU upgrade for Inspiron 530S

Hello, TH. Anyway my little brother has a Dell Inspiron 530s slimline pc. I plan to get him a radeon hd 5570 when it gets to my local MicroCenter. The one thing I'm worried about is his 250W PSU that came with his PC. I'm running a an HD 2400 I got him last year on it right now. Most people say a Seasonic PSU should be put in but its not available in the store and I can't buy online (no credit card). I've been planning to get this:
Athena Computer Power: Apollo 400W Micro ATX PSU
Do you think it's any good?
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    mister g said:
    Most people say a Seasonic PSU should be put in

    Not only due to the brand name , but because it's the right type of power supply
  2. Really, I thought this would work, I measured it based on the specs and it would fit.
  3. I looked at the product both on Newegg and on Seasonic's website, thank youu for your input. You don't need a new name, you can help out a lot of other people just like me.
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