Sli compatible amd motherboard?

this may sound strange or nooby but is there a motherboard that supports a gtx 480 graphics card in sli mode and support a am3 socket phenom II x6 processor as well?
please help because i am really confused at what those weird chipsets asus puts on amd motherboards.
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  1. sorry for dp, but what i mean is that there are lots of chipsets for nvidia sli cards such as the nforce 900, and nforce 700, geforce 7000 and geforce 8000 but when i go on the nvidia website for there motherboards, boards with these chipsets state that:
    "Unmatched DirectX 10 Gaming with SLI Technology" but does not mention dx11.
    gtx 480 is a dx 11 card and i am stuck as will the board be compatible with it.
  2. Yes. Two boards from MSI and two from ASUS. The only thing is, you need to flash the BIOS before using an X6 so you need to already have an AM3 CPU supported by the default BIOS or buy a cheap one.

    MSI NF750-G55

    MSI NF980-G65

    ASUS M4N75TD AM3

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