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Ok I am working on a gaming/htpc. I want to hook up a a/v receiver that does dolby true-hd/dts-hd. The graphics cards I have are 9800 gtx's in sli mode. I have a nvidia 780i mobo. I know to do the HD audio formats I need an HDMI source that carries audio and video, and Software to get it out of the pc.

Ok so I set up the graphics cards and used a 2 pin spdif cable and linked the spdif header on the mobo to the spdif input on the graphics card. The card has 2 dvi outputs. I used a dvi to hdmi adapter then hooked an hdmi cable between the tv and comp. Now before anyone says this will not give you sound because you are using a dvi to hdmi dapter, yes it will because my TV Speakers work just fine. I am also getting 1920x1080 res.

I am using cyberlink power dvd with blu-ray playback. It does the HD audio.

So the question is if I hook the HDMI into the receiver that I haven't bought will it see the audio as HD audio or just regular dolby digital? The reason why this is important is because if it is just going to see dolby digital I would get the same affect going with a cheaper receiver and using the optical output from the mother board.
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  1. i think you should use the optical output from the mother board. Its simpler, cleaner, and the sound will be the same. It will be an 'HD audio' (such a vague marketing term).
  2. The term HD audio is not vague, when I use it, it refers to uncompressed audio via an HDMI audio transfer.
  3. I guess I am going to have to agree with arges86 here.
    HD audio is rather vague. when comparing it to Dolby digital.
    HDMI cable isn't going to improve anything. It simply an easier way to have visual and sound together.
    HD audio can compress many things such as:

    Accurate 3D positional audio
    Dolby Digital® EX decoding

    and so on.

    So more info would really help thanks :)

    Edit for clarity.

    I use component cables for visuals and optical cables for Sound.
  4. HD Audio is a specification released by Intel in 2004 thats a higher quality than AC'97. But most people really never mean that.
    You need to check that your mobo can support HD Audio, and not just AC'97.
    Getting a video card that has 'HDMI audio pass through' would also do the job
  5. The hd audio I am talking about is the Dolby True HD/ DTS HD Master Audio from blue rays. Not the intel HD audio that is.
  6. The hd audio I am talking about is the Dolby True HD/ DTS HD Master Audio from blue rays. Not the intel HD audio that is. Think home theater guys not computers.
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