Ati Radeon 4200 HD

Hi guys I just picked up a new laptop today. Not sure if its good for gaming but i think the graphic card is decent .

HP G61
AMD Athlon core 2 duo m300 2ghz
4GB ddr2
ATI Radeon 4200HD 384mb dedicated - i dont know why its 384mb????

Ive heard there is a way to allocate rams to your graphic card through BIOS setup. can i do it for my ATI 4200?

would i be able to run games on this laptop? i would be more than happy if i can run mass effect on low.
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  1. You would be able to run older games. You should be able to adjust the ram in bios.
  2. the HD 4200 is the IGP thats in the 785G chipset, it is not good for gaming, you may be able to run mass effect on low with lowered resolution but dont expect good gaming performance out of a laptop, its just not to be expected.
  3. I tried looking for it but i cant find any ram allocation stuff in bios for some reason..
    so im not sure if the 4200 is integrated graphic card??
  4. went in the system infos and heres what i found, can someone let me know if this is an integrated graphic card?

    ati display adapter (0x9712) 400mhz
    AMD 880G with ATI radeon 4200 HD 384mb dedicated
  5. The HD4200 is a integrated card it is a part of the G chipset. The video outputs are in the IO shield on the back of the case with all the other motherboard connections.
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