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I've just bought a new PC with an M2N68-LA mainboard and am trying to upgrade the graphics card as the onboard one is rubbish, I've already upgraded the PSU to a 400W corsair one to allow for the extra power requirements of my card, but windows 7 still will not recognise (or even acknowledge) either of my graphics cards (a 9600 and a 8600) that I've tried. I've set the bios to be PCI-e as the main card and tried disabling the onboard graphics card in windows, but I still cant see any new graphics cards in the PCI-e slot. Both of these cards ran fine in my old machine which had a 400w PSU.
Any help gratefully recieved.
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  1. How do you know Windows does not recognize the cards?

    Are you experiencing a "No display" issue with one or both cards?
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