Why can't I join an existing network?

I have 6 computers and they are all xp. I have one server computer and 4 computers are using the server network. I use server computer to download videos and every other computers watch videos through the server.

This computer I'm working on, which is xp, for some reason I can't use existing home network.
I just formatted and installed this machine with xp, and I'm using wireless right now. I'm currently trying to connect to the same network but it seems I can't do it. I can use the internet and I have connection but I can't watch videos on it from the servers for some reason.

Can you guys please tell me steps how to use the existing network so I can watch videos from the server?
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  1. When you installed XP, did you load all the fresh system drivers from the manufacturer?
    Is the security turned OFF when you are connecting? Antivirus or Firewall may prevent a connection...
  2. I installed display, ethernet(offboard custom linksys wireless card), sound driver etc.
    Installed sp 3. I don't have any antivirus program at the moment.
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