Pata 3.5" WD2500 250 GB caviar drive reports only 112,6 GB capacity


I have this 250 GB hard drive witch reports itself as being 112,6 GB after being couplet at a faulty on-board pata interface. I used WD's Data LifeGuard diagnostics (DOS and Win) and parted magic. I've zeroed the drive. Actually the reported capacity is seemly usable, and no errors whatsoever.
This somehow perplexes me as it is the first time I encounter such a thing. Could be because of firmware hiding (a lot of) sectors because of the faulty controller?

It's starting to drive me nuts. Thank you.
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  1. it was hidden by the f/w. I've managed to recover it using a tool found here:

    Not so bright people here after all...
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