Slight problem with CPU maximum frequency


I'm a laptop user running Heroes of Newerth on an AMD Turion 2x2Ghz. When I play, in groups of 30 seconds (usually) it switches between 100% maximum frequency 25% maximum frequency (according to to win7's resource monitor).

Any ideas?
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  1. In control panel, go to power management/change advanced power settings and look at what is there. It is possible to set the minimum cpu % to 100% which will set the multiplier to the max which is probably what you want for games.
  2. I already did this :(. It literally is like a step function with vertical lines connecting the steps for the graph of the maximum frequency.
  3. That's the system drawing what it needs.....check power saving features , change to max performaqnce....if that fails see if you can change in BIOS.
  4. I checked the BIOS and there was nothing pertaining to my CPU at all (excluding system information). Also added a new power mode in the power controls and maxed everything; then rebooted.

    PS: My computer is a
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