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Hello, I have recently desired a graphics card that will be good for graphic design. I often times have PhotoShop, InDesign, and Illustrator running simultaneously. Anyway, I just purchased a geforce 9800 gtx and a Dell 24" UltraSharp. I wish to have this Dell and another 19" Dell monitor hooked up simultaneously. So, a few questions: What more do I need to know in order to have a proper setup? (very new to personal computer upgrading) Does monitor resolution (or HD capability) determine the capability of the video card? Will dual monitors be a problem for this card? (of course I do not know which problems to worry about) Anything else I should be thinking about? I understand my questions reveal the degree of my own ignorance; I will not get offended at any answer. I greatly appreciate any helpful, honest, straightforward feedback.
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  1. Well you bought the wrong card if you're only concerned with graphic design etc.

    9800 gtx is a gaming card. It's drivers are optimized for gaming - so it will do whatever it takes to deliver high frame rates in games at the expense of accurate reproduction. In simple terms - it will estimate!

    You need a workstation graphics accelerator (card). If you're on a budget, ATI Firepro v3750 or Nvidia Quadro FX 1800 would be more productive than 9800 GTX.

    Would do you a world of good. Read reviews!

    Answer to other questions.

    That card has 2 display ports and 1 dvi. You can have dual monitors. So just make sure you can connect display port to your monitors.
  3. Depends on what programs your using.
  4. Quote:
    That card has 2 display ports and 1 dvi. You can have dual monitors. So just make sure you can connect display port to your monitors.

    Thank you very much. I read briefly about displayport. What do you think/have you heard about it? I noticed that it supports 6 to 16 bits per color channel. How does this compare to DVI?..HDMI?

    I did not understand most of the jargon in the comparisons between these three. So, what would you say are the advantages of each of these?

    To be more clear, now that you have informed me of a probable incorrect purchase, I want to:

    -run dual monitors (Primary: Dell UltraSharp 24", Secondary: Dell 19")

    -have great picture quality (color and resolution (don't know if these are separable))

    -not have to worry about image reproduction slowing down (when files are high res or contain many vector graphics, or when I have a lot of Photoshop files open)

    -(hopefully) utilize GPU capabilities of CS4

    I have a budget up to about $200.

    Once again, I appreciate your help.
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    Displayport is digital just like DVI and HDMI. It works a little differently from DVI/HDMI but the end result is the same (visually). I know Apple has Displayport monitors - so they believe in the standard/qaulity.

    - You can connect 2 monitors via displayports, you can also purchase Displayport to DVI/HDMI adapters.
    - You will have great picture quality. You won't be able to tell the difference between Displayport and DVI. NewHD5XXX ATI cards use 2 DVI and 1 Displayport. You can connect 3 monitors (Eyefinity) with these and the quality is similar.
    - With workstation GPU you will get better quality reproduction vs. Gaming GPU
    - Works with CS4

    For $200 you can get entry level GPU which will make a big difference vs. ANY gaming GPU
  6. I recommend Quadro FX 580 for under $200.00. Make sure you get one with Displayport/DVI adapter.

    If you intend to play games, I think the Firepro v3750 may provide better gaming... but you lose a little when it comes to workstation graphics
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