Videocard and PSU suggestions for Dell XPS400

Let me start off by saying I know very little about computers... I have a standard dell XPS400 with apparently a 375W PSU and Geforce 7300 LE graphics card. What I'm looking for is a new graphics card capable of smoothly running Blue-ray off the computer and various videogames such as BF2.

My snag seems to be that getting a quality card puts me above what the 375W provides. So what would you suggest on upgrading both the 375W PSU and a videocard? I'm looking to spend around $200-250. I'm basically just concerned about compatibility with the xps400. Any suggestions of a product, possibly from

btw, these are the exact specs.

Im more concerned about compatibility than anything, I don't wanna futz around with something that doesnt work.
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  1. You can run up to GTS250 on your PSU. The 8800gtx was an option on those XPS systems with that power supply and the GTS250 is more power efficient.
  2. alright sweet, Im just gonna go with the gts250 then... quick follow up.. there's like 10 different companies that pop up when i type in GTS250 into google shopping... does it matter what company makes the GTS250.. I see ZOTAC, galaxy, Nvidia etc... all the same??

    BTW, thanks alot for the response rolli, I do appreciate this, I'd be in the dark otherwise and prolly have to take a trip to Bestbuy and get robbed.
  3. Alright everything I've read says that card's the way to go with the 375 PSU in my XPS400... I'm gonna hold off overnight incase anyone posts any horror stories, otherwise I'm gonna jump on it in the morning.

    Thanks again brother
  4. This scares me running a GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 on 375W PSU... Is this thing gonna burn up/shut down on me running Blue-ray or WoW? I'm reading so many mixed opinions...
  5. Your dell 375 watt psu has 30 amps combined on both the +12 volt rails (check the sticker) The GTS250 only requires 24 amps it is written under specifications. The Dell 375watt unit is equal or better than many generic 450 watt units.
  6. Sweet, just bought it... again, thanks
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