Cheap lga 1156 mobo?

hi im looking for a cheap lga 1156 motherboard that has crossfireX, it doesnt have to have usb3 or sata 3 it just has to be relatively cheap, any suggestions?
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  1. ya i already looked at this mobo but its out of my price range as i live in south africa everything is more expensive and i cant buy 4rm newegg as they do not ship 2 south africa
  2. im getting an i5 750 and a 5850 but i want a motherboard with crossfireX as then i can add another 5850 in the future , that asus motherboard costs R2200 on price check which is about $314, thats how much it costs in S.A
  3. are there any other lga1156 mobos that perhaps dont have usb3 and all the rest but that does have crossfireX?
  4. ya i was thinking about am3, i have my own business we buy 4rm rectron(the wholesaler) and they only stock intel cpus, but they do stock amd mobos, but they only have 1 discreet mobo its the ud7 which costs R2000, which is cheap, but then il have to buy a cpu 4rm somewhere else and then it works out more expensive, i wish newegg would ship 2 S.A but they dont... sadly, btw are p55 mobos better than h55m mobos? and if a motherboard says crossfire support does it mean that it only has 8x slots or what?
  5. whats the intel warrensburg like? thats in my price range
  6. H55 boards cant do crossfire, and lacks the ability to do RAID configurations.

    When a Mobo say it can crossfire, sometimes it is in a X16/X4 config which decreases the performance by a chunk. SO make sure it can do X8/X8 (which is the limit for P55 chipsets, for true dual X16, you need X58/890FX.

    The Intel DP55WG looks like a decent board, Intel board in general are usually great feature and quality wise, but they OC horribly.
  7. +1^
    If you are going with SLI/CF,make sure you get a board with dual 8x/16x multiGPU support
  8. thanks but any other suggestions on a mobo?
  9. How about ASUS P75P55D EVO ?
  10. its out of my price range, im looking for something around the same price as the intel warrensburg, i would get the warrensburg but want to overclock so its not really an option.
  11. The Intel boards still OCs, just not as high as the ASUS/Gigabytes can do.

    What are the other options YOU have?
  12. well, the gigabyte ud3 and i guess the intel kingsburg thats about it, so my choices are the kingsburg, the warrensburg or the ud3, my budget is really tight
  13. also i was told that 4gb ddr3 1333 transcend JetRam isnt a good choice, why so and what ram would you suggest?
  14. UD3 as in this?
    Doesnt do crossfire so Im afarid its not a choice for you.

    Out of the three, the Kingsburg would be the best for your needs, OC (just) decent too.

    For the RAM, just get the cheapest set of DDR3 1333, there's no point of spending more on RAM when your budgets tight.
  15. GA-P55A-UD3 R 1,399 DDR3-2200+ GIGABYTE® P55A-UD3: P55 Express Chipset - Socket LGA1156, 2.5GT/s DMI Bus - Supports: Pentium Dual Core, Core i3, i5 & i7 LGA1156
    ATX 4x DDR3-2200+ Slots (Dual Channel), 6x SATA2 RAID & 2x SATA3 Ports, 1x ATA133, 1x FDD, Up to 12x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0
    NEW 2x PCI Express x16 (x16/x4), 2x PCI Express x1, 3x PCI Slots, Realtek Gigabit LAN, 7.1 Channel HD Audio, Optical & SPDIF Ports
    3 YEAR WARRANTY Ultra Durable 3 Features: 2oz Copper PCB, 50,000 Hour Solid Capacitors, Ferrite Core Chokes, Low RDS(ON) Mosfets
    ULTRA DURABLE 3 Dual BIOS™, Dynamic Energy Saver 2, EasyTune, Gigabyte Smart6, ATI Crossfire Support, AutoGreen, SmartTPM, XHD, On/Off Charge
  16. so ati crossfire support is ####?
  17. No its just X16/X4 "Crossifre" is only 75% performance of an X8/X8 setup, as crossfore scales by the slowest card.
  18. so i musnt go for the ud3? does the kingsburg have (x16/x8) or is it only (x16/x4)?
  19. Both Intel borads are X8/X8 AFAIK.
  20. il just have to go for the gigabyte ud4p then dam im going to have to downgrade something in the pc, maybe i should just get 2gb of ram and buy some more later...
  21. Is CrossFire a must have for you ? what resolution do you play at ?
  22. Whats everything youll buy?

    2GB wont be enough, itll be a huge bottleneck.
  23. by the way would this GIGABYTE® G-POWER II PRO Brilliant Blue LED Fan, 700-1500RPM, 120mm Air Surround Fan, Universal Cooler For P4/K7/K8 be able to go on the ud4p mobo? and thanks for all the help :)
  24. well il get the ram and the cooler round christmas, and im playing on a 23 inch lg 70000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time, not sure what resolution as i have just ordered it, and yes i do need crossfire as this pc has 2 last me about 6 years
  25. im getting a 5850, ud4p and an 15 750
  26. Whats the prices of GTX460s over there?
  27. i5 750
  28. i heard that the gtx cards run at a very high temp, and a gtx 465 costs R2900 which is about $414
  29. gordon_81 said:
    i heard that the gtx cards run at a very high temp, and a gtx 465 costs R2900 which is about $414

    Not the GTX465, they're are hot and loud like you said. Dont get it unless someone gives it to you for free.

    I'm talking about the newest GTX460
  30. i live in south africa pc components arer a major rip off here and newegg dont ship here, lol so anybody who wants to make some money should start an import/export business ;)
  31. lol, a gtx 460 costs R2570 which is $367
  32. And how much is a HD5850? If its a decent chunk lower, go for it.
  33. the 5850 is R300 which is $428
  34. i mean R3000
  35. Then go with the GTX460 as it saves you $60, and when SLIed would perform quite similarly.

    Single card performance would be ~15-20% lower though.
  36. what temp does it run at?
  37. thank you 4 all the help btw
  38. Around 30C idle and 50-60C load for the reference @20c ambient. Power usage is almost identical (maybe 2-3W higher) to the HD5850.
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