Please Help Chosing an i5 CPU cooler

Hey, I'm running a 2.66GHz 15 processor on a GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 LGA 1156 Intel P55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard and when gaming my core temps rise to about 75 which I am a little concerned about. What would be the best aftermarket cooler for me? I plan to OC it also so I want it to be nice and frosty in there :)
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  1. All good choices by niklas and obsidian. I personally use a hyper 212+ on my i5. IMO it's one of the best price to performance CPU coolers out in the market.

    I currently have my i5 OC'd to 3.9 @ 1.264 vcore. Full load reaches the upper 60s, but never touches 70 using OCCT/Prime. I did some alternate benchmarking going to 4.2 @ 1.4 vcore. Full load still didn't touch 70s.

    It's also relatively compact, as bigger coolers may be a concern for you seeing as you have a micro ATX board. Is your case also small?
  2. yeah , i have an i5 with 212+ , the cooler does takes minimum space and does not come over the memory area ... so tall heat sinks of memory is not a problem ..
  3. Thanks for the responses, and yeah the case is a mid tower so it's probably best that I go for the 121+ just to be on the safe side size wise and it sounds like a great cooler. Also for thermal paste should I just go classic with arctic silver 5? Thanks
  4. it comes with some thermal paste enough for 4 applications ... try that out before buying as5 , you can still do that later ... it aint hard to remove the screws and heatsink , they are accessible easily ... i wanted to buy AS-MX2 but wasnt in stock , so tried the packaged one out .. temps are fine ... 53c on 3.6 ghz prime 95 1.25 Vcore .
  5. i could possibly do a 4.0 well around 65c .. but no need to ... havent bothered with it yet as for gaming even the stock speed was enough for my 5850 in all games ..
  6. but if u will want the highest possible oc with 212+ , then i will suggest getting Artic Silver straightaway .

    also , dont bother getting a second fan for the hyper 212+ which can attach itself on the other side (the one that it comes with will go towards the ram slots' side ) ... usually the case's back fan pulls enough as it is situated close .

    also , tell me info about ur case , number of available fan slots and which ones have a fan installed now ... and the speed u run them at etc ... 75c is pretty hot considering its winter ...
  7. Ive got an NZXT LEXA S case. I have 3 120 mm fans, one on top, one on the side, and one in the back, and there is a place for one more on top. I just went to check the fan speeds with SpeedFan and it says that Fan 1 is running at 1098 rpm and that the others are running at 0 rpm but when I look at them it's clear that they are running, am I doing something wrong? Thanks. Ooh and its idling right now at about 33C
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