I have problem in my external WD hard

my external hard (WD - model 5211b - 1 tera) is not work

i was transfer data from lap top Dell Latitude D610 to my external hard , and left the laptop, when i back i found the data didn't transfer and the hard didn't read on my computer
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  1. Hello ahmednazih,

    Welcome to Forums.

    Power off laptop, disconnect HDD, power on and now connect the HDD. Please check if it is now detected.
    Also check if your drive appears in BIOS and Disk Management (Right Click on computer >> Manage >> Disk Management) - if it appears in Disk Management, make sure it has a drive letter assigned or you need to assign a drive letter.
  2. Iv'e had this problem with a 2TB MyBook, I am on my second one. I had to create an RMA with WD to get a new one and i lost all my data. Is yours a WD MyBook?
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