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I recently bought a motherboard but it was half an inch too big and wouldn't align with the screw slots so I've had to send it back and am now searching for a new motherboard. I have been searching through the usual online stores and am unsure what to get. Was wondering if anyone here would have any good recommendations.

My pc specs are:

Case: NZXT Rogue
PSU: 750W Tagan
CPU: intel core 2 duo E7300
GFX: ATI asus HD 4870

As for the ram I am currently looking for an upgrade from ddr2 to ddr3 so the mobo will have to be ddr3 as well as compatible with the rest of my pc.

I am looking to spend around the -200 area.

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  1. Thanks for your reply, from looking at that mobo it looks to be a bit too long for my case, my case only supports micro atx.
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