Gtx 670 oc, Drivers holding it back?

I am completely new to overclocking and I decided to first start with my gpu. I could only manage to get a gpu clock offset of 111%. If I go higher, I am always stopped by my drivers crashing. I've been reading that other people have been doing alot better. Also I haven't had and bsod's or artifacting. It's always just my drivers crashing. Do I have a lower quality card then others or are my driver holding me back?
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  1. your probably going to want to post your spec's, or the current driver you are using.
  2. my specs are

    asus gtx 670 dcII
    intel 3570k
    1200 watt psu
    8gb 1600 corsair vengeance

    And my current driver is the nvidia driver 301.42

    I had just noticed that direct x 11 drivers are crashing not nvidia
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    There have been driver related issues with the new Kepler based graphics cards. Nvidia has a beta driver which fixed the issue on one of my machines.

    304.48 BETA

    Give that a whirl, the other thing you may want to also include. Is aside from the power; what is your clock rate? memory clock? voltage? What are those at? If your trying to overclock to high, the card can't handle and the driver fails.

    So it depends on the situation. But we will need additional information about your setup and overclocking.
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  5. I'm also having trouble. For some reason when I first put the card in I was able to overclock core by 149Mhz, but now it only goes to 85Mhz stable. What gives? I have power and voltage increased and tried changing drivers several times, currently on newest Beta drivers. My temps stay at 60c or under so there's no reason for the core to not overclock more. Also I have an 800W power supply which is more than plenty for single 670

    Edit: Well..... I just noticed when I bump down my core overclock, the card boosts FURTHER than it did before! My boost clock actually goes up to 1236Mhz. That's not particularly high, but with the Hynix custom high end memory they used on these Gigabyte OC cards, my VRam is at 7.3Ghz!!! I haven't bothered pushing it farther than that, but it's completely stable. Crazy
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