What motherboard do I need to get???? HELP

Hi everyone. I need some advice please and need it quick so I can get my order in before the weekend. Im purchasing a new AMD Athlon x2 7850 Black Edition CPU and I need to know if this motherboard will work with it. I want to overclock and try to unlock the other two cores (I know its a gamble and dont mind) Please let me know.

MSI GF615M-P33 AM3 NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE Micro ATX AMD Motherboard, and

ASRock A780LM-S AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 780L Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

Will either of these two boards do what I need them to?? Please respond quickly as possible so I ca get my order out. Thank you for your time and advise!!
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    I would go with the MSI since is one of the best manufacturers.
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