PCI (or maybe AGP) which works for 98 and win 7

HI, and thanks in advance for the help...

I want to build a system with some parts laying around, basically for my older games (yes, i dearly love some games that some would consider ancient!). I have a P4 and an ASUS motherboard which supports (supposedly, i haven't checked its specifics, but i can pull it out of the closet if it is helpful) both PCI and AGP graphics slots. I want to build a "dual boot" (or really a dual purpose) system which will basically have windows 98 on one hard drive and a modern OS like vista or windows 7 on a completely different hard drive.

Now to the question: does anyone know of a newer video card which supports both windows 98 and a new OS. I'd like to be able to boot to either 98 or 7 and not have to open the system up and swap video cards every time i swap OS's.

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  1. You have a better change with an old GPU 5xxx or 6xxx series on vista or seven than a new one on 98.
  2. You would be better off getting an new AGP card, like an HD 3850, loading Win7, and then setting up a virtual machine to run Win98. You will have some fun finding Win98 drivers for your hardware.
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