I have the m4a79xtd evo mobo, with 6 gigs of corsair dominator memory, AMD phenom II x4 955 cpu, WINDOWS 7 64 bit and evga 8800 gtx. Corsair HX 1000 watt modular

System has had periodic lockups,maybe a couple weeks apart, and i've gone through 3 8800 gtx cards in the past 3 months.
1st card was original and the next 2 were remanufactured replacements. After a week or 2 each card would artifact at post and have colored lines on the display. Cards were running at 51 C.

My question is, do you think that since this memory is not specific for this mobo, would it effect the video card and cause atifacting and whatnot? This is what EVGA tech support believes

Also i know that this mobo has an amd chipset and i am running nvidia graphics. I am getting a 260 superclocked to replace the 8800 gtx and would hate to have this card take a crap if its the memory causing this problem. I have let memtest 86 run for 9 hours on 7 passes with no errors before the system locked up in the 9th hour.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since if the next replacent goes bad, i will be responsible since evga believes that it is my memory.

If any other specifics are needed please ask.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Try running 4 GB instead of 6 GB, dual channel instead of triple. Otherwise it could just be bad luck with the GPUs.
  2. Are you running 3 modules or 4 modules? Regardless, your MOBO is not suited to do either.
  3. I am running 3 mods.

    Oh, i got the 260. and it lasted 1/2 a day and quit. Fan stopped working, no display at all.

    I bought a cheapo 8400 gs 512 and so far no problems.No fan to stop working. Only good for surfing.
  4. Hopefully you're not using the nVidia graphics card driver version that set the fan speed to zero.
  5. Using EVGA 200 series driver version

    Also was using EVGA precision which i had controlling the fan speed. Card was running at 43C idle.

    I tried taking the card to various PC shops to test the card and would you believe none of them had anything to test the card. Not even Best Buy.
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