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Just want a few tips for my 3570K

Last response: in Overclocking
July 18, 2012 3:28:27 AM

Right now, I'm running a 3570K on a P8Z77-V LK board.

Thus far, I went quite easily to 4.2 GHz literally changing nothing but the ratio.

right now, I'm running at about 1.15-1.2v and got to 4.4GHz. The problem that worried me was the temperature.

It quickly got into the upper 60's and lower 70's in Prime95 Small FFTs. Remembering my e8400, 70 was not a comfortable number to hit, with an official thermal rating of about 72C. I see the i5 has a thermal rating of about 67.5C, so it seems they are more tempermental, and thus heat is more damaging. Yet at the same time Ivy runs fairly hot, given its smaller size and use of TIM instead of Flux-Less solder.

Are these numbers I need to worry about quite yet? I'm new to this series, so i don't have a good bearing as to what are healthy temps and what temps can reduce the lifespan.

Also, any other tweaks I can make to improve my OC without upping the voltage? I remember a VTT setting of sorts on the e8400 that improved my stability and overclock without increasing my heat. how about C-States, Spread Spectrum (I disabled it), and speedstep?

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July 18, 2012 3:38:09 AM

70c is a very comfortable number to hit under load. Intel Burn Tests often hit 80c with no worries. I would say if your constantly at 75c+ then you have something to worry about, but you should be able to hit 4.5/4.6/even 4.7 possibly with no issues as long as you have a good air cooler like they hyper 212+/evo or the noctua DH-14.

all C-states should be disabled, spread spectrum disabled, speedstep is personal preference, i disabled it.

You should do quite a bit more reading about this though, most every guide will thell you these things, as disabling the C-states is something universal to just about all guides since they cause instability in overclocks.
July 18, 2012 1:52:25 PM

Okay. I suppose my temps don't get near that high under standard load like games, just in prime.

I did do a bunch of reading, though. I've been overclocking since I built my first computer when I was 12. AthlonXP 2000+.

Thing is, each series of processors had a different "feel" so to speak: Which temps are okay? Voltage? How much of an overclock should I expect?

With the E8400 I had before, I got pretty comfortable with the clock skew settings and some of the other tight tweaks. I ran it from 3.0->4.2GHz, at a lower voltage than stock, and hung around there for 24/7 usage. My max temp was about 56C in Prime.

So is there a voltage equivalent to the VTT setting on the older processors? That was a setting that really helped me out in the past.
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