Sli won't enable! m17x

I have an alienware m17x with sli cards in it, and when i go into nvidia control panel all it says is the one card 9400m g. Before i upgraded to windows 7 sli worked (i was on vista) and now it wont let me enable it or even turn on the dual cards! just the shitty one for when your working off battery! please help!
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  1. have you installed graphic card drivers?
  2. i thought it would just transfer over from vista, how do i do that?
  3. i went and did the automatic one and all it found was the 9400m g :-/ idk what to do!
  4. btw i know that i either have the dual 280m or dual 260m for the sli, im positive its one of the two
  5. just do download the one for the graphic cards you are supposed 2 have.
  6. there are only 200m drivers. no specific graphic card so it doesnt matter. Here's a link
  7. I figured it out! it wasnt a driver issue, i just had to go into the bios and changed the graphics setting to hybrid! thanks guys!
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