Hi guys,

Couple of questions as I'm new to this whole overclocking buisness. Im about to upgrade my computer and I'd like to experiment a little on my old machine, but I'm not sure how or how much I can push it. I've always tweaked software-wise to get the most out the system for games but I never did anything physically as i didnt have enough money to risk buggering something. Its an old rig so while its no great hardship if it dies now, I'd still really prefer it didn't.

Anyway, its a E2140 on a 2core1333 MB, 2x2gb of pc6400 DDR2 (however its only a 667 board so its at 333 if that makes sense) and a 8600GT. Oh and 650W PSU with 30amps on the 12v.

Now ive already tinkered a little and scratched my head a little. The bios wont let me change the cpu multiplier nor voltages, only the bus speed, which i bumped up from 333 to 343. So from 2.66 to 2.75 i guess. Its a small change so temps havent changed more than 1 or 2C (its always ran pretty hot at 43-46 idle and 63-65 load), however if i try to push higher than 343 then it refuses to POST. Is the multiplier just a set-in-stone fact here, or is this a limitation of the CPU or bios? And is there a way around it, and also the voltages as well. I can see them in bios but they are grayed out and unchangeable. In other words, do I have any other options in squeezing more out of this setup?

Also, (non-cpu here) the 8600 has always run incredibly hot, topping at 92C under constant load, is this normal for a budget nvidea? I've run it for about 4 years, and thought about OC'ing it about 2 years ago until i saw the temp it ran at and changed my mind in a hurry, i actually figured it was on its way out, but its plodded along for another 2 years doubling as both GPU and office heater in cold weather. It never crashes or has problems (other than its limitations of being not very good). Can it be pushed any higher or is it borderline popping now?

Anyway, thx for any replies, and feel free to call me a noob and step away from the computer before i hurt myself. :ouch:
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  1. try changing your ram:fsb ratio to it's lowest setting

    if it won't change it's probably the CPU and if that's so then there is no workaround

    if your 8600 has a reference cooler, then it's not suprizing that it runs that hot
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