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I have also recently had a weird smell from my computer, but have not had a new card installed and it doesn't seem to be hot. Any ideas, and should I be concerned?
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  1. Yes. Anything from melting electrical components (eg. wires, capacitors, chips) thru "burning" dust to a dead animal could be the cause lol.

    Open the case, run the computer and sniff around to try to isolate where the smell is coming from. Sometimes laying the tower on its side makes it easier to locate a smell's source. Then look at the part for any evidence of something visually amiss. And let us know what you find.
  2. I've had that before with an old computer of mine.

    For me it was just dust that was getting too hot and smelling the place up. The real problem was the fact that my fan had so much dust in it that it stopped working properly.

    Check you fans to make sure they are working right.

    If it smells like burnt plastic then it is probably hardware that is getting too hot.

    Good luck
  3. Blow the dust away! With the compressed air can.

    Hopefully it is not an electrical component, like the Twoboxer said^already.

    Save your data, just in case.
  4. Use a pencil or something to stop fans from spinning when using the compressed air. This stops them from spinning too fast from the air hitting them. Also keep the can upright. You don't want the liquid in the can coming out on to components.

    It is a preventative maintenance we should all doi on a regular basis. Computers are a natural haven for the elusive dust bunny. And that's one critter you don't want blocking or restricting air flow.

    Should go a long way to reducing your odor.
  5. Traildriver said:
    Use a pencil or something to stop fans from spinning when using the compressed air.

    Or you could just turn off the computer. :heink:
  6. ^That applies even with the computer off. The fans spin freely without power.
  7. He means to stop them from spinning too fast from the air which in some cases can damage the fans. Compressed air can force fans to spin far beyond their rated speeds.
  8. Oh geez... *facepalm*
  9. I've seen several mobos have their capacitors in the switching power supplies get hot and "tent". Capacitors have a safety feature to allow the cases to expand instead of blow up like the old parts used to. When they expand the liquid or paste electrolyte can leak out - smell is not pleasant. Look for bulges in the capacitors on the motherboard and also for signs of leakage.
  10. Smells in here...
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