Can't log into my computer because Keyboard/Mouse won't work

I don't know what the problem is. I was downloading running both the iTunes and libusb setup on my computer at the same time.

While going through the libusb setup I heard my computer beep several times meaning that it detected my devices connected to the computer, but then my computer froze (guess it was overtaxed). So I did a hard reset where I held the power button for 3 secs. Then when I boot it up it won't let me type in my password or move the mouse!

My mouse and keyboard work perfectly fine in the BIOS and before the computer loads but once it gets to the login screen NONE of my usb devices work. What's the problem?!
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  1. you might need to reinstall the os,just do it in c drive the data on other drives will be saved
  2. Just a point go into your BIOS and see if all the USB ports are enabled. My mobo has an option to shut all of them off.
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