I'm looking at purchasing a Gigabyte 890-FXA-UD5. I'm wanting to update the board to bios F3 as soon as I get it. I would prefer to use the windows interface. My question is: Is gigabyte's download center @BIOS safe? Or should I use another method? Thank you.
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  1. Gigabyte's bios has a build in utility that allows a quick and easy flash. Just download the bios version from their site, put in onto a memory stick and restart the pc. As the mobo's main screen image pops up, at the bottom you should find the key to press to start the utlity. In the manual you should find it too though
    In the utility you only have to browse for the bios file and you're done.
  2. @Bios - Use at own risk, Enough reponses on "Bricked" bios that I can not recommend.

    I love Gigabyte MB, Last 4 builds have been with their MB's - BUT I NEVER ever use their @Bios to update.
  3. i used @Bios 10 minutes ago and it worked really well.

    I couldn't find a Flash Drive or I would not have risked it.
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