Razer Megaladon 7.1 Echo Problem

When I play a game, any game (this includes, Empire:total war, Crysis, Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
the voices in the game echo and seem distant when in 7.1 mode, but this is not the case in 2.1 mode

I have adjusted the individual speaker levels in the headset so the front speakers were louder, but that didn't help.

Cause since i payed $130 for a new 7.1 surround sound headset, i would like it to work like its $130

Any ideas guys?
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  1. propietry surround effect from razer is quite poor, i dont think im any of help, all i can suggest u is if u have a soundcard, with DDL support then enable dolby headphone.
  2. Thats one of the reasons I went with a G35 ahead of the megalodon...

    If Razer had ANY driver support, their products would be great...
  3. woo g35!!! (not that i have) looks kwl anyway
  4. well i mean when i do the 7.1 surround sound test from dolby, it sounds great!
    but its just those d*** voices are distant.

    So does your G35 sound fine?
    I choose the Megaladons because of so many bad reviews about the G35 (I was originally going to buy the G35)
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