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hi all, well, i just want to ask,
during normal pc use, i just leave my palit gtx 560 ti to it's stock 822 mhz core clock(linked with shader clock),
but during gaming time, i oc it to 900 mhz,
and i get about 5-8 of vital fps gains...

should i overclock it as soon as my computer starts up?
because at 900mhz, it's very stable, and i do not need to alter any core volts, etc...

but, it's an oc, means, the gpu is strain for an extra 10%..

so, i just want to ask, should i oc from startup and leave it like that for the rest of it's life,
or oc just when i want to?
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  1. just keep it and your enjoy your game :D
  2. henydiah said:
    just keep it and your enjoy your game :D

    no need to re-clock it back to stock core clock speed? :(
  3. keep at 900
  4. It will still idle when you are surfing the internet etc.
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