Do I need a bettter Power Supply? Help Please !


I recently put together a new system today, but when I connected the power I am getting a green flashing light. PLEASE HELP ! >=(. I have listed my specs below, and from what I have learned from google I am assuming I have a bad power supply.

Here are my specs:

Intel q8400
Asus Radeon HD 4670
Hard Drive (500 gb, seagate)
Optical Drive (DVD Multi)
Antec Sonata III w/ 500 Watt PSU

When I connect the power the greed LED just flashes. Is my power supply not enough for my system? Thanks.
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    500W is sufficient, either the PSU is bad or something is hooked up wrong.

    Please look at the "boot problems" sticky and follow that checklist. Most of the time one of its steps will work.
  2. You need to plug in the 4/8-pin CPU power connector, located near the CPU. I think your motherboard uses a 4 pin connector. Your power supply should have a 4 pin connector that mates up to this motherboard connector. Try this and report back.
  3. Hey, I did have the 4 pin connector connected. I believe i skrewed the motherboard too tight because the problem was fixed after loosening the motherboard skrews. Thanks for the help!
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