EP45-UD3LR motherboard supports crossfire? only one pciE x16 slot

any solution to this problem? my board have plenty of pciE x1 slot which i heard could be converted to a x16 slot. what should i do with this problem? currently using hd4850. was thinking if this card could be placed in a standard pci slot and run in crossfire mode.
the main problem to start out is whether can i crossfire with this board? and even if i could, how would i do that with just one pciE x16 slot??? :o
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  1. Your motherboard has only one PCI-E x16 slot and does not support crossfire.
  2. oh damn there's really no other way to boost up my gpu's performance?
  3. Nah, you are going to need to replace the HD4850 to improve things.
  4. Well, that or replace the motherboard and get another HD4850. That would be much more complicated however.
  5. i was thinking to sell off my old pc and use some cash to buy a crossfire enabled motherboard and other hd4850 what would the cost be around???
  6. What processor do you have? Also what resolution do you use
  7. xeon e3110 1980x1080
  8. A decent crossfire LGA775 motherboard will cost you at least $80. So figure around $200 total with the second card. Another question is if your PSU can handle two HD4850s. If not then you'll need a new one and at that point it's just getting too expensive.
    Honestly even if your PSU is fine for crossfire it probably makes more sense to just replace the card. That $200 plus ebaying the HD4850 will get you close to $300 which can get you an HD5850. The HD5850 will give you performance similar to two HD4850s with several large advantages; DX11 compatibility, 3 monitor support, no possible crossfire scaling/compatibility issues and its 40nm which means it's very power efficient and runs cool. It uses the same power as one HD4850.
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