Is this a normal CPU Temp for i7-920?

This is the temperature of my Intel Core i7-920. Is it normal? It has shown up at ~47-50 C ever since I bought it a couple months ago.. I am using a stock heatsink+fan, and my case has a 120mm roof fan that thankfully sits right above the CPU fan+heatsink, a rear 80mm fan, and 2 front 80mm fans sucking in air..

Right now my processor is even running a little overclocked since I overclocked the RAM up to 1920. In order to do that I had to raise the bclk to 160 instead of the default 133, hence the overclocked CPU speed. However the temperature stayed the same so that's nice! :)

So what do you think? Is 47 C - 50 C normal for the i7-920?

Thanks so much! :)
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  1. Excellent. No problems there. You appear to have good contact between the heatsink surface and the cpu.
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    You've overclocked to the same speed as the i7 975 and getting 50 degrees on the stock cooler.

    Be happy!

    To make sure, run a few passes of Prime95 to take that chip up to 100% load on all 4 cores and see what the temps are like then - if you hit 75 degrees and above get a better cooler (your normal temps will drop too).
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  4. ty for the medal - let us know how it pans out
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