Buy the OCZ Vertex 3 or wait ?

OCZ Vertex 3 120gb seems to be the one to buy these days. However, this model has been out for a while. Does anyone know if the Vertex 3 is going to be replaced anytime soon? I dont want to kick myself 2 months down the road knowing that something bigger and better is out. And I know things always are changing, but I would rather buy something when its new, and not at the end of its generation.
Any advice on weather or not i should buy now or wait would be great.
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  1. It will be replaced by the OCZ Octane 128GB version pretty soon. The 256GB version is already out but I'm not sure when the 128GB version will come.
  2. Thank you for your input, I was checking the specs of the Octane 128GB and it appears the read times are close to the Vertex 3. However the Write times are 170mb/s compared to 500mb/s in the Vertex 3. Would the Octane be a better drive still performance wise?
  3. I had an OCZ Vertex 3. It failed after 8 months. I would steer clear of it, it's caused a massive annoyance to myself with not just loss of data, but mucking around returning it and getting a new replacement.
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    I've got a Vertex2 120gb drive currently, had it for a while now and never had a problem and overall i've been very pleased with performance. That literally means nothing of if a Vertex3 will be reliable but my next SSD will be of the OCZ type. The Vertex3 has been out for a while which doesn't necessarily mean that a replacement one will be coming soon as i haven't personally herd about a successor to the Sandforce 2281 or the Vertex 3 line. Now the Octane line is utilizing their own SSD Chip from the Indilinx company they bought out. Will be interesting since OCZ has such a close relationship with Sandforce to see if/how that impacts those lines. Looks like the affordable Octane drives are slower in smaller sizes due to less chips so if i were to buy a drive today, i would go for the Vertex3 and would i wait for the next best thing? nope because you may be waiting a long time. Now if companies announced new drives coming in X months, it might be worth waiting.
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