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Hello, I just built a system not too long ago and i have Corsair Dominator RAM in it now. I have a asus P6t mobo. Right now my ram is running at 1333mhz i think. The ram says it runs 1600. Should i O.c the mobo too run at 1600 or should i just leave it? Would it make a diffrence? I do alot of gaming.....
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    It will not make much of a difference at DDR3 1600 and DDR3 1333 in gaming. You'll see the difference in benchmarks.

    The only reason I would recommend changing your voltage, Mhz and timings to match your ram is so you are getting what you paid for. Other than that, there will be little benefit in gaming.
  2. ok ill change them one of these days thanks for the help
  3. Only Intel with higher QPI than AMD's NB can take advantage of 1333+ like 1600 mhz.
    However, AMD mobos lack RAM timings, tRFC has 4 settings, so 1600 mhz is recommended for AMD.
  4. Im running a intel i7 920? if that means anything...... and this is a slight jump on subject but mii chip after gaming for a hour or soo was at 60c is that bad?
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