Farcry 2 on 9400GT

Hello guys
i have a pc with core 2 duo -2.66 ghz and 2 gb ddr2(800 mhz).
i have 1gb 9400gt and i am playing farcry 2 on it but i am having poor fps : :( and
the trees,roads etc appear when a go near them. :cry:
I had same problem with FC1. i played it on high but problem was only like ,when
the enemies were distant, i could see them only when i zoomed the gun.
i know that my card is poor but is there anything that might help?
any suggestions are welcome.
Will it be possible to play assasins creed 2,L4D2,etc?
my resolution is(1280*720)
Thanks in advance.
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  1. That really isn't a gaming card. The only thing you can do to improve things is replace it. Fortunately that doesn't have to be that expensive. For around $60 you can get an HD4670 which is several times more powerful.
  2. how about hd4850, imean if i have to change it then why not some high end card.
    is my cpu enough for it?
  3. Your CPU is still OK although overclocking it if at all possible would be a good idea. A better question is your PSU. To tell you what card you can handle we need to know how good your power supply is as well as your budget.
  4. psu is 450w
    what if i just overclocked my card?
  5. No, OCing a 9400GT really wont help much. It's simply not a gaming card. For some perspective the card is on par with a 6600GT which was a midrange gaming card 5 years ago. Like I said the HD4670 is pretty cheap and several times more powerful, approximately by a factor of 3. If you want something better these should be ok for your PSU;
    9800GT($90-100) < HD4770($110) < HD5750($130)
  6. thanks guys that might help when i'll be having a new card
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