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hello folks,
i have 8 yate loons on my radiator, all connected in parallels to my 12 volt power supply. the problem is it is quite loud. the fans and radiator is mounted external of the pc case and i have to run a tether cord from the psu to the fan on the radiator. i tried to use the 5 volt line from the psu but the fans would not even engage. i tried to search around for a small compact rheostat to control all the fan at once.

i just need one knob to control the one line going to the 8 fans in parallel on the radiator. i think the loading is about 3 amps to run all these fans. an average variable resistor would probably not be able to tolerate this kind of load. what do you think i could use?

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    that should knock them down a bit, but i cannot guarantee they will start at 7V, so use that at your own risk :)
  2. well, i can easily make one of those myself. just drop the forward voltage. and the fans will spin slower and less noise. but how do i know if the resistor can tolerate the current load.
  3. the fan should have the specs printed on it (power specs as well)
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