My computers gone over to the dark side!

The gist of this story is that I was doing some light overclocking with my CPU and GPU and now my computer freezes when running games.

The entire story is that I bought this new overclocking board and CPU because I wanted to learn to overclock a system correctly. I read in different places what people run their systems at and decided to experiment using lighter settings than they were using. I knew that would save me from having to write this post because it seems logical. OK.

So I got into the bios and set the automatic overclock to 4.4. It can go higher and ASRock set it to run their so it seemed like it would run fine. I wanted more fan control so I got the ATXU and played around with that for a while. I was disappointed with ATXU so I stopped running it and stayed with the bios. I found I really didn't need the extra fan control. The temps were fine. All through this process the computer ran fine no problems at all. Then.

I decided to learn to overclock my 550 ti. I downloaded the evga programs that help one overclock. I played around with these ran some tests. I pushed it up a little and sometimes I would have to restart the game because I would get a driver failure notification. So I turned it back down. With a modest overclock, everything seemed to run fine. I was finally able to run my games in max settings. It was cool. Then came disaster. The computer would freeze. No BSOD. No restart.

So It's off to the event viewer we go. So this is what happens: I get 2 warnings,a critical and then an error within 5 seconds of each other. The first is a kernal-power 41 Task cat (63). It reads bugcheck 0 power time stamp 0. The system has rebooted.. yadda yada. This could mean anything.

The next two come in pairs, like sith lords, always two there are. Never one. This actually makes sense that the force is involved because the first event ID said the computer is off. The pair are event id 4's saying the Broadcom Netlink bla bla make sure the cable is properly connected. Problem is that I'm on a wireless network. I don't use these two ethernet connections. But I went to the website and got the lasted driver anyway. Still I get these warnings.

The last one is the Eventlog error 6008 that says my computer shut down 3 minutes prior to its own time stamp, thus confirming that my machine has turned to the dark side!

OK, seriously. All of this happened after I installed the evga software. So logically it went to their forum for help. They weren't very helpful. So I just decided to uninstall their software reset the cmos, pull the card and reset it and restore my computer to a previous time. It worked like a charm. The computer ran perfectly for quit some time. I missed the speed of the overclock. So I decided to try a 4.2 factory setting in the bios thinking that all I needed was a lighter OC. It didn't work. So now I need help can anyone solve my dilemma?


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  1. Lots of strangeness going on there, for sure. My guess though, is that something just isn't liking the auto OC very much.

    I recommend just OC'ing manually, and leaving that auto OC'ing junk alone (what you should always do). A manual OC with a SB CPU is extremely easy anyway. Just multiplier and voltage to worry about. You shouldn't touch the BCLK.

    That explains the CPU and possibly other hardware that the auto OC did its "magic" with, but no the GPU. My guess with that is just not enough voltage for the OC you were trying. I WOULD recommend using MSI Afterburner instead, though.
  2. Yeah, next time go slower and stress test instead of just loading a game and crossing your fingers.

    Read some guides on how to OC your CPU and GPU.

    At best, your GPU OC was poorly done/unstable. At worst, so was the CPU OC.
  3. You might just not be lucky. There is never any guarentee that you will be able to overclock your system stably even a single MHz.
  4. Have you guys have problems with the ASRock overclocking part of the Bios? I didn't know that I could run the MSI afterburner for an ASRock board. Wow.. OK
  5. voodooking said:
    I didn't know that I could run the MSI afterburner for an ASRock board. Wow.. OK

    I meant Afterburner for the GPU. And it's brand agnostic. It'll work with any GPU, pretty much and has nothing to do with the mobo.

    But as far as CPU OC'ing goes, it's always best to OC the CPU manually. Auto OC's are an evil invention. :lol: Yes they make it "easy", but damn, like I said earlier, OC'ing a SB CPU is just about the easiest thing in the world to do.
  6. ASRock needs to get it's act together. I just did the multiplyer manually and ran my system as fast as it could go with no problems for several hours. I will put off OC'ing my GPU for a while.

    It's a shame I can't get some answers to my event error questions.
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