X1900xt vs new integrated gpu

i just upgraded my motherboard cpu and memory.

unfortunatly i ran out of cash an could not afford a new graphics card i wanted.

the new
mb has integrated graphics Ati hd 4200.

is this graphics card better than my existing ati x1900xt.

I plan to upgrade to 5870 as soon as i get more cash but until then i would like to use the best option i have.
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  1. The x1900xt is better it has performance close to HD4650/70
  2. Thanks for the help I figured it was. The 4200 does support dx10.1 where the x1900xt doesnt so i was not sure if since the 4200 was newer it would perform a little better.
  3. The only thing it does better is handle HD movies.
  4. Go with the x1900xt since it can handle fairly well on its own even now days and has advantages over the integrated with sucking up ram along with every thing else. Just be sure to keep the card clean and run the fan at least 40% then you will be fine.
  5. Agree, stay with X1900 XT, it much better than integrated card.
    Make sure your card is clean and keep the temps as low as u can, that card's produce a huge amount of heat...
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