Best motherboards for an i7 930

Im going to try a basic overclock, ( 3 GHz with stock cooling) while i get a better psu and cooling system, my favorite right now is the Evga ftw3, any suggestions below $270? or should i go for the ftw3...

i need my pc mainly for 3ds max animations rendering and of course, to play Crysis 2. my gpu is a 9800gtx+ and im going sli as soon as i can afford it (i hope soon).
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    I have two different Gigabyte boards that have run well, a UD3R listing at $209.99 and a UD5 listing at $289.99. Both have allowed me to take my 920 CPUs to 4.0ghz, so either should make it easy to get your 930 CPU up to as high a clock as you want. I do run Noctua D14 coolers on my 920 chips. If you stay with stock cooling and a goal of 3ghz, I don't see a great need to get anything more expensive than a UD3R board. It will run SLI with ease, having two 16 lane slots.

    For more information on the UD3R, take a look at Toms article on it:,2614-15.html and,2614-15.html

    Of course, if you just like the EVGA FTW3 board, it should be a good one as well, though you could save nearly $60 with the UD3r board and use that money toward a SLI setup.
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