Phenom 8750 or Athlon 7850 and HIS 4670 question?

Ok so I got an Athlon x2 7850 and I am wondering if it would be an upgrade for me if I got a Phenom x3 8750, I would be using it to play games such as Devil May Cry 4, COD MW 2, GTA 4, The Last Remnant, SF 4 and more other games like those.

My next problem is that I got a HIS 4670 1GB and am going to but another HIS 4670 to Crossfirex them together, I am wondering if the next HIS 4670 that I am going to buy should it be another 1GB or a 512Mb because the 1GB is slower and the 512Mb is faster, also I don't have a Crossfire Bridge and am wondering if I am going to need one.

Here is my current Rig-

CPU:Athlon x2 7850
GPU:His 4670 1GB
MB:Gigabyte MA780G-UD3H
HD:Seagate 1TB RPM 7200
PSU:XION 630 - 630W
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  1. Well, another core is an upgrade, but I don't know that you'll really see much difference. But, I'm not as up on the AMD processors to know how much difference there is. Maybe someone else can answer better than me.

    I'd go with another 1GB 4670 and not the 512 version. If you need a Crossfire bridge, make sure the card you order comes with one-they usually do. And, yes, you need one to run in Crossfire mode.

    Also, check that your 630W power supply can handle two 4670's. Maybe check at ATI's site for the power specs on two of those cards.
  2. Your current processor is better than Phenom x3 as it is the older Phenom...They don't OC well.They run hot.It will be beaten by your Dual in gaming.

    And Yours can OC upto 3-3.5Ghz easily.

    Regarding the Crossfire:
    Get a card with identical clock speed and the same kind of Video RAm(GDDR2/GDDR3).
  3. Thank You so much shubman1401 I was about to decide and pick the Phenom x3 instead of my current Athlon x2 7850. As for the crossfire the HIS 4670 1GB doesn't come with the crossfire bridge so I'm going to have to buy one :(

    I have never OC before and am wondering how do I OC my current CPU without damaging my desktop, because I heard that it is possible for it to overheat. :??:
  4. I just checked my HIS 4670 and it doesn't have the part to connect the CFB and the box says it's able to crossfirex, so does that mean I have to buy the other HIS 4670 1GB that doesn't have the connector to connect the CFB or is it okay for me to buy another HIS 4670 that has the connector to use the CFB.
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