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I installed a new Belkin N+router. When I installed it the Belkin changed my Qwest Actiontek M-1000 dsl box ip address. The Belkin took the ip. Going into to Belkin I changed the ip to which was my M-1000 ip. Now I can't find the M-1000 ip. I can reset the M-1000 to the default but afraid that it might do something to the Belkin. Is there a way to find this ip?

Any suggestions? Everything is working just fine except it would be nice to access my dsl box again.

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  1. Is this DSL box a modem & router? If so you may have to setup the DSL modem in bridge mode so you can use the Belkin as the router. Check with your ISP who you got the DSL from to be sure. You may also have to plug directly into the DSL modem to change the settings on it now.
  2. The M-1000 is a modem. I can plug the M-1000 directly into my computer bypassing the Belkin and the ip address is However if I connect back thru my Belkin the M-1000 will not show up. Before I had a Linksys wireless router and it worked fine. It just does not like the Belkin.
  3. I believe you may have to do some configuration on the belkin possibly then. Did you have to do any configuration on the Linksys initially?
  4. No adjustments on the Linksys. I just figured everything worked the way it was supposed to. I will call Belkin and see if they can help out. I'm sure they will tell me to call Qwest. Then Qwest will tell me to call Belkin and so on. LOL
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