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Case Labs TH10
No ceiling on budget but don't want to waste a bunch of money on a minimal increase in quality. So I'm looking for the best setup for the money.
Although I am new to liquid cooling I don't want newbie parts because I will have help and I am not an idiot, lol.
Was thinking 4 radiators two on the bottom on in and two on top sucking on up and out. 480 rads I believe would suite the case best.
I am looking for advice on fans, radiators, and resevoirs.

Some questions I have are:
shrouds are used for fan placement and that's it?
What about the aquacomputer airplex modular rads? Can you still fit a shroud on it. And with a seperate pump plus the pumps on those rads; would that be too much pump action or no? Two much reservoir with a main reservoir as well?
What about setups using stuff like the koolance rp 1200 versus a simple bay resevior? I was thinking I might be able to fit the koolance ext 440 cu in one of the bigger 5.25 bay slots in the th10? (I don't like the cylinder reservoir.)
What is the consensus on quick disconnects slowing down liquid flow?
What is dual looping exactly?

So basically those questions plus the best pump, radiator, fan, reservoir, tubing, and coolant. If thermal paste is still used then that as well.

Thank you.
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  1. Are shrouds necessary? Was a question I missed.
  2. Very informational but may I ask in simple terms what is a shroud and wha does it do?
  3. ok that is a lot of questions so why not have a look at others build logs to answer some of them
  4. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. That is what I needed. So it is not necessary but adds improvement.
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