2gb good 4gb bad!!

im having trouble with my new ram. i just bought 4gb of gskill ddr2 800 memory. ive tried this on both win7 32 and 64 bit and for some reason the 4gb just doesnt seem to want to work. ive tried running just one 2gb stick and nothing goes wrong, its when i try to use all 4 is when i get the freezes. i have left it on auto settings and tried the stock 5-5-5-15 settings and to no avial. PLEASE HELP ME IM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED!!!
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  1. Have you used it in the right slots (normally same colour), and set the required voltage? Also check whether the command rate is 1N (or 1T) or 2N (or 2T), try setting it to 2N (or 2T).
  2. i have tried both slots and the lowest voltage i could select was 1.9 or something like that and still it would freeze. as i am replying to this message i am running only 2g ram with everything set to auto on windows 64bit with no problems. as for the command rate i have tried both 1T and 2T both did not matter when trying to run win7 64 with 4g.
  3. Sorry, forgot you were using DDR2 - what voltage does it recommend? Try running it at that voltage. What motherboard do you have?
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