First time Home Network Server - How much power?

Ok, so i'm planning on building home sever/storage machine. I've never built anything like this and i am not sure how much power i should put into it. This machine will be used as network storage and backup as well as a media streaming device. Along with music, it will have to stream(via our home wireless network) 6 to 12 GB High Definition movie files to a Blu-ray player.

So my question is: should i go with a Core2 build or go with a i5/i7 machine with triple channel memory? I just built myself an i7 computer this summer but i do not have experience with the Core2 and I am not sure how it will perform.

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    If you go to /every/ desktop and mobile CPU they sell is sufficiently powerful to handle NAS duties. Usually in this situation the concern is not brute strength, but efficient power and heat compensation strategies because the NAS is going to stay on for long periods of time and may be locked in a closet where heat could become an issue. Purchasing an i5 or i7 for a NAS would be shooting gnats with shotguns. I would suggest looking for a cool, inexpensive chip that can run for months without costing a lot on your electric bill. Read the CPU reviews at newegg and they will tell you whether the chip runs cool. I suggest you pick a chip that has at least 20 reviews to get a fair assessment of the cpu. There is no reason why you need to spend a lot of money on this type of build.
  2. i5/i7s Waaaayyyyyyyyyyy overkill.

    My recommendation would be a low cost LGA775 or a AM2+/AM3 build.

    A E3200 + a decent board + 2-4GB RAM will do. Since you plan to store large files, I recommend 4x 1TB Samsung F3s in RAID 10 for best performance. NEVER do RAID 0 on a storage server/NAS,etc.

    Note: Considering DDR2 prices are the same as DDR3 prices, you may want to consider going with an AM3 build.

    PS: I do hope you have Wireless N for streaming
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