Need help connecting my MP3 player to Computer.

Ahoy everybody!

Not long ago my Mpio FL100 MP3 player cable was lost in luggage while traveling and I've found out it's going to be hard getting a hold of a compatible cable for this player.

I plan on making my own cable and need some assistance on going about that. The port of the device is a 4 pin out mini USB connection type. I did manage to get a hold of a cable which slightly modified fits perfectly into the device port, but the wiring is incorrect and the hardware do not detect each other.

Does anyone know how to figure out which pins are power +/- and data +/- ? Can it be done with a standard multimeter? Anyone know a web site with MP3 player technical diagrams?

Any intelligent help appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. Is there something I'm missing about the usb cable type? If it's just a usb mini cable these are not hard to order, something like

    should work. That was just the first that came up, but there are plenty to choose from.
  2. Hello Tomatthe, thank you for reply.

    Problem with this particular device is the player uses a propriety cable and I've been in at least 5 electronics stores and computer service places and no one has a cable that matches other than the one my friend gave me I slightly modified to make it fit. But like I mentioned...devices do not detect each I came to a conclusion that either the wiring is incorrect or the device port is burned. Is there a way I cant test it to make sure?
  3. The only info on the company is in Korean, if you can understand that, maybe something here to help.
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