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I just got a new motherboard of ASUS P5QPL-AM with E5300+RAM 2GB DDR2 800 and I installed new windows XP SP3 with all the drivers with codec.I'm using old IDE Harddisk and I tried uninstalling the realtek driver and installed it again but still i could not get any sound. The same thing happened to the old motherboard Which i replaced with these configuration. Could this be a problem of my harddisk??
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  1. Maybe your speakers? Bad wire, etc. Could also be a conflict with an older device you're trying to use. Check the device manager again. Control panel>system>hardware>device manager.
  2. No. Its not my speaker i checked it with other system already. The same thing happened to my old system which was quite similar to this system i had 512mb of ram and ASUS P5B-MX motherboard. It was working one day and the next day it stopped working one side and after a few days both the sides stopped working.
    So i install a new sound driver but didnt work. So i just tried installing an update of the chipset driver and it started working again but only one side.

    So the next day i decided to buy a new system which consist of the above description but still no sound. I even checked the powersupply, no luck on that. So i reduce my problem to only 3 things now(some may not sound relevant) my old IDE HDD, my dvd and my new borad is bad.

    But before i claim it i would llike to hear some professional opinion.

    I did a clean install of windows XP SP3 so i dont think there is a driver conflict.
  3. Wrong driver or the wrong default device is selected. It has nothing to do with any of your other ideas.

    I can try to help you remotely tomorrow after I get off work, PM me if you want to and I will give you my email.

    Did you use the mother board CD and load the chipset and audio drivers?

    Check the device manager, and make sure theres no waring sign by the audio.
  4. I used the motherboard cd and install drivers from there.

    In the device manager everything was working fine according to it. The board says suppert direct x 10 should i install that in xp?

    By the way what is "PM" me?
  5. Update on my problem.
    I just claimed my motherboard at the shop they tested it and it was not working so they gave me a new one. We tested that one it was working fine. When i came back home hook it up installed xp and the drivers from the disc there was no sound. I touched the sound chip on the motherboard it was hot as hell and made me jerked away. So i guess its the power supply thats frying my sound chip.

    Here is my question

    Why the sound chip not other chips?
    Would i be able to claim it again?
    Could it really be my power supply?
    Any body had this problem before?
    Or is there a current leaking from my case to the motherboard?(i am using the motherboard stand though the one thats used to mount the motherboard)
    What could be the reason please tell me!!! PLEASE !!!
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