Barbs n Fittings and general concerns

Just wanted to check a couple things, I got 2 xspc raystorm gpu blocks for my 6970 crossfire, it says not compatible with 1/2" compression fittings, does that mean I have to use a different size or just have to use barbs? Also looking at swiftech MCP655 it says it has 1/2" barbs, does that mean I can't use a compression fitting on it because the barb is already part of the pump?

Should I really be concerned about barbs at all? I assumed using all compression fittings would be superior but now I'm not sure.


I wanted to run 1/2 ID 3/4 OD tubing, is this going to be a problem with these parts? the rest of the loop contains a xspc raystorm CPU block, an ex360 rad and a ex240 rad and a MCRES micro res from swiftech
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  1. that won't work with compression fittings because the fitting may hold the block off the processor. if it had connections on the top instead of the side that would not be a issue. it is my opinion that compression fitting are superior to barbs but if cost is a issue use what ever works.

    you can change the front or the whole assembly for the 655 pump motor making it possible to put compression fittings on the pump motor
  3. Awesome, cost isn't really an issue, my inability to limit spending is. How could I resist customizing my pump, and thankyou for clearing that up with the gpu block, i guessed the fittings would be a problem as I could already see I wouldn't be able to get ramsinks on all the ram as soon as the block goes on.

    Prob going to reuse the fans off the original heatsink to go either side the block, it might not do much practical cooling but I saw someone on this forum, I think it was moto?, did a similar thing where they put a waterblock on the inside of the fan casing on an asus card and it looked pretty cool.
  4. You have to use barbs because the outer part of the compression fittings will both try to occupy the same space (i.e. there's no room). Same thing with my MCW82 - I just used the barbs it came with and got some clamps from home depot to keep them on.
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