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Hi all,
I have a strange problem with my memory. I just got 4 x 512mb of Crucial Ballistix PC4000. now my motherboard only supports PC3200 (MSI 7093 its old) but the PC4000 should run at the slower speed no problem and will with only 2 installed. as I'm typing this with

after installing at I started my pc and it booted fine ran for about 20 min and I got a blue screen and instant reboot. When it restarted I got to windows and again blue screen and instant reboot...sometimes it will not boot at all just makes a long beep from the motherboard. when the blue screen pops up it reboots before I can even see any of it.

So I took out the last set pc boots fine and I ran 3 different memory test, S&M, memtest for windows, and hot cpu tester pro.. all test past, so I figured 1 of the 2 I took out was bad, I took the 2 I tested out and Installed the 2ed 2 and run same test. all pasted.. try to install all 4 again no boot..just beeps.

any ideas would be XP btw..
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  1. Yeah, you should be fine running ram that's too fast for your mobo. I've done it before and the bios just underclocks it to your mobo's supported speed.

    Alright, to disable automatic restart on failure go to Start>Control Panel>System. Now click the advanced tab, in the Startup and Recovery area look for the settings button and click. Now uncheck Automatically Restart. :) Easy

    Scribble down the info next bsod and post it up here.
  2. well came home from work to day and installed the last stick of ram. I was running 3 in single channel with no errors for the 6 hour Hot CPU tester pro takes to run while I was at work. anyway installed the 4th stick booted up no problems and have been running for about 8 hours with no BSOD. ran all 3 of my memory test and no errors.

    now In my bios (Phoenix 6.00) there is not much you can do to change/overclock but I can change my ram settings to manual and set it to 216,233,or 250 so I though I would see what it would take, runs great set at 250 but CPU-Z only shows it at 236.3 with my FSB set up to 210 with Clockgen. should be at 260.I don't I need a motherboard with more

    going to test it when I go to bed and see if it can be stable..
    crosses fingers
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