Best CPU cooler for the i7 3770k?

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  1. Arctic cooling freezer i30. Low noise at full load, pwm support, and overclocking is a breeze.
  2. The noctua is lga 2011 compatible only!!!
  3. v6GT gives slightly better performance than thermaltake Frio at full fan speed and it is also very cheap.
    but if you are not on a tight budget than get the Frio. Both of these will handle your 3770k even when overclocked upto 4.5ghz. But don't expect crazy cool temps with either of these coolers as the new Ivy bridge processors when overclocked heat up very quickly as compared to sandy bridge processors.
  4. XavierTobin said:

    Thermaltake jing gives better cooling out of these but it's poor value as it costs more than the Frio and Frio gives better cooling as well

    Here is your proof:

    My vote goes to the Frio.
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