Motherboard to replace Asus Rampage II Gene for i7 930

Ok so i've had lots of problems with my current motherboard. all down to the final straw of it not recognizing all three gbs of ram. :fou: It recongnizes it in BIOS, and in CPU-Z but no in XP twice. even after a fresh install. so im willing to spend $240ish maybe a tad over. I plan on some over clocking but mainly on a steady 3.0 GHZ. Preferred companies EVGA, or Asus.
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  1. If your case can fit ATX (R2G is µATX, not sure if you have a µATX case or not) then the best option for around $250 is the ASUS P6X58D-E.
  2. oh yea I have a mATX in there right now but it could fit a way larger one. My case is a Thermaltake Element T.
  3. Hi.

    1- What mobo do u currently have?
    2- What other components do u have? CPU, GPU and RAM.
    3- The Element T can handle ATX mobo.
  4. Hey there
    1. Asus Rampage II Gene (mATX)
    2. i7 930, PNY GT220, and Kingston HyperX DDR3 3GB 1800 MHZ
  5. This two are good options.

    1- Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
    2- ASUS P6X58D-E

    Both ASUS and Gigabyte are very solid. Do u want upgrade something in the future? RAM, GPU? like I see the best option for u now is the UD3R.
  6. ok so i was reading reviews on the asus and my ram isnt compatible on the "qualified vendor list" does this really matter? could this be the reason for the issues im experiencing with my current motherboard?
  7. If u take a look of the QVL many of the RAM that is listed there don't run at the manufacturer specifications.

    If u RAM isn't listed in the QVL of the modo doesn't mean that ur RAM don't works with the mobo just means that the mobo wasn't tested with that specific RAM model.
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